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Ice In/Ice Out/Fishing Info. Hot-Line 1-218-659-4002



Don't Forget to send us a copy of your favorite photo to share with others. 


Fishing Gallery

If fishing is your sport of choice you will find it at Dixon Lake Resort, conveniently located on Dixon lake with its well-stocked army of hungry Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, Walleye and more all eager to challenge your catching and fighting skills.


Bring your best lures and bait to challenge these formidable foes. Make a big catch? Send us the pictures and we will include you in our gallery.

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Hunting Gallery

When it comes to bountiful hunting seasons, you can find it at Dixon Lake Resort from 12-point bucks to monstrous black bears, ducks, grouse and pheasant all of which can be found near our resort. Our experienced on-site staff are happy to offer location and hunting tips especially helpful when hunting these areas of beautiful northern Minnesota.

Load up your gear and come for the hunt, cozy rooms and friendly staff, all of which await your arrival.

Nature Gallery

Northern Minnesota has a long-standing reputation for having some outstanding views of nature at its finest. From the lush forests, wild flowers and barriers, amazing lakes, abundant wildlife and well-maintained trail systems, you can’t go wrong with a vacation stay at Dixon Lake Resort.


Completely surrounded by nature, we have a little bit of everything that is sure to bring about pictures that last a lifetime.

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Cabin Gallery

Looking for a cozy place to unwind after a long day of outdoor activities? Dixon Lake Resort has cabins that can accommodate both small and large groups and are stocked with all the must have amenities. Hot and cold water, TV, Radio, Air conditioning and fireplaces, you can find it all with our cabins and much more. Packages, for reunions, spear house fishing, American plans, or we can just leave you be to enjoy all that nature its self has to offer. 

The Bait Room Experience

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We sell bait and a few tackle items that have been found to work in our area lakes. A few fishing poles. Live bait including Shiners for fishing opener, always crappie and fat head minnows, night crawlers and leeches.

   Our bait room is one of a kind. With  paintings on the walls like you are walking through the lake bottom complete with island and all the fish, water fowl, and critters you just might see whale staying at Dixon Lake. All painted and decorated by your hostess Karen Christensen. Check it out as each year when time allows she gets out her paint brush and adds something new.  

The River Garden

The River Garden is a beautiful water fall that flows into a littler river that then falls into the first pond and then the second. A mix of perennials and annuals the ever changing garden is a  must see. Built by the Christensen back in 2009 it has become a great attraction. So very pretty. 

Don't forget to send us copies of your vacation highlights for a chance to be published on our gallery page!

We would love to share your experience with visitors near and far.

Phone: 1-218-659-4612
49442 Dixon Lake Resort Rd. 
Squaw Lake, MN 56681
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