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49442 Dixon Lake Resort Rd. 
Squaw Lake, MN 56681

Meet the Keepers. 

Roger and Darrow                 Christensen 


Todd, Karen 

    Samantha & Emily            Christensen

Owed the Resort 

 for 13 years. 

Purchased in 2007

Grew up in

Iowa & Arkansas. 

Background in John Deeres & Military.

Meet the Keepers. 

We are only the keepers of the magical place for in a very real seance this place belongs to the people that come here each season. Many of whom have been coming here for fifty + years to spend time with family and friends. Make new friends, go on adventures, fishing excursions, hunting, 4 wheeling, or just splashing in the water. For its the people that make this place what it is, the family's that have been coming here long before our time to visit the forest and the abundance of nature that it holds. We try our best to maintain the grounds and make up grades to stay with the times, but not take away the rustic beauty that is Dixon Lake Resort

The Christensen’s



It all started when Todd was a youngster, Roger and Sharon took their family on vacation to different resorts from Iowa to Canada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The Boys also went on hunting trips in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. It was always said around the campfire how great it would be to run a resort for a living.

After 30 years of working at John Deere’s in Waterloo, Iowa, Roger retired temporarily to Lansing. Todd was in the Air Force for 10 years. His job took him to Arkansas where he met Karen. They lived in Arkansas for a few years before moving to Lansing Iowa to start a Metal Stamping business with Roger & Sharon. The whole family ran high speed punch presses and got the factory to quite a prosperous business. Once there was an interest in a buy-out by one of our biggest customers, the dream came back. Lansing was very good to us and we will miss the area.
So in late 2006 we started the hunt for the perfect place to start our new life and found Dixon Lake Resort. In March of 2007 signed our names to this little gym of a place tucked away in the Chippewa National Forest of Northern MN. 
                We left the boonies for the sticks and are loving it.


We are the “Keepers” of the resort, because we understand that, in a very real sense, this magnificent get-away belongs, in a large part, to the families that travel here each year and find a period of peace, solitude and serenity. Our largest goal as The Keepers is to make this a place where every one can feel like family and have a trouble free vacation on our beautiful lake and enjoy all northern Minnesota has to offer.
We have been owners of this lovely place for going on 11years now. Loving every minute of it. It is a lot of work, and you never run out of things to do, You are never really done with anything. We get a few projects done here and there, but our guest are our priority.

    The people we have the privilege of meeting each year or season make it all so worth it. We have the best guest rather it be Rvers that are here each summer, or cabin guest. Cream of the crop I tell you. People that you are glad you have meet and are better for it. We hope that they go home with a smile, refreshed and with a skip to there step. 

The girls Sammy 15 9th grade and Emily 13 7th grade. They love all the friends they have made over the years. Its fun to watch them all grow up together.
      What a life they live being on the resort. There new best friend shows up every weekend. They have now become quite the helpers here at the resort. Cleaning cabins, mowing lawns, cooking and serving our guest in the winter, Sammy has even taken a few reservations all by her self. Once this winter someone asked Emily if she was sure she could do that, she answered "well I have been working here since I was 3". We all had a good laugh.


Thank you for visting.



      So we looked at 12 different resorts and fell in love with Dixon Lake. The area and the back woods feel were just what we were looking for. So in the spring of 2007 we moved from the sticks to the boonies.

      We thank all of you for allowing us to raise our girls here. They have had the best child hood one could ask for up here in the woods. We had looked at moving to Ohio with the presses, but new our kids would be raised in daycare. Here they have grown up around many different people. They have worked on everything from fish houses, lawn mowing, cabin cleaning, roof shoveling , bar tending and waitress. Emily would say "since I was 3". All the other kids think man they have the life. And they do , but work for it. 

      We bought on the 13th of March of 2007 so starting up our 13th year today. I know a few of the neighbors lost some money as they had bets as to how long we would last. But with lots of help from neighbors, campers and even some of our cabins guest we learned the ropes and are still here. Hope to be for many years to come.

Again a huge thanks goes To you our Guest and Friends for allowing us to be the keepers of such a magical place. 

Dixon Lake Resort is located deep in the Chippewa National Forest of Northern Minnesota. We are generously surrounded by wilderness, offering  that backwoods "off-grid vacation" you may be  looking for. This provides great fishing on this secluded little lake, miles of gentle ATV trails,  bird watching, hunting or just relaxing in the shade and listening to what nature has to say. For fishing, Dixon Lake has a great Walleye bite in the spring and early summer, along with big Crappies, Sunfish and Perch. Large and Small Mouth Bass add to the fun. The always hungry Northern will keep things interesting. Dixon is a smaller lake at just under 700 acres. What a great lake to poke around, take a sunset cruise, or tow the kids on a tube! 85% of this pristine lake is surrounded by national forest, so what you see across the lake is trees, a few islands, weed beds and an interesting shore line. With fishing right off the docks there is no need to go anywhere else.


Winnibigoshish's Third River Flowage is only five miles away. Red Lake is only forty-five minutes away and with other area lakes near by, Dixon Lake Resort is the perfect location.

 The lodge offers a bar and restaurant with 3.2  beer and set-ups, a simple menu, free Wi-Fi, pool table, foosball table, board games, books and more. We sell bait, some tackle, fishing licenses, and a few grocery items for your convenience. The lodge is uniquely decorated with items lovingly created by our youngest guests, during  our craft sessions.


Inspiring murals painted by a local artist also, decorate the lodge walls. Its just fun to simply look around and discover what's new. This is a fun and exciting family-owned and operated resort where kids rule!


Kids love our sandy shoreline, shady playground, our crafty time and fun activities, most with a nature theme.  Not limited to kids. Moms can have fun, too. It is amazing what you can do with a pine cone,  a rock, some sand, add kids and you have a great vacation. Check out the new playground. We spiffed things up a bit and the kids just flock to it. This is a quiet resort with lakeside cabins close to the water's edge, we hope you don't sleep walk. You will get the peacefulness needed to wipe away the stress from your life! So come and check us out! We have a spot in the shade with your name on it!


Ice In/Ice Out/Fishing Info. Hot-Line 1-218-659-4002